Our Company

“Woodwork by Log Horse” is a trade mark that belongs to the Estonian company Log Horse OÜ (reg. no. 12039208). It’s a family enterprise that is currently run by Annika and Kristjan Korsten but we have high hopes for our kids as well. Surely one of them, at least, will follow in daddy’s foot steps and take up carpentry as a profession? Or maybe not… Kids, these days! All they’re interested in are computer games and narcotics. 🙂

Well, our oldest one is 6 years old, so there is still hope. 🙂

Our farm and business has a lot to do with horses as well but that’s not what this site is about. It’s about the signature carpentry we do. You can find a few finished products in our shop but the coolest thing you can do with us is send us a sketch of what you want to do in wood, and we’ll do it.

Interested? Please get in touch!

Tel: +372 5787 8389 (Kristjan)

Email: kirjakast@loghorse.ee