Juniper Plate


  • A beautiful decorative element that you can use in any room
  • Smells great and makes you better – maybe!
  • Available in different sizes and shapes with a unit price of 199 EUR per square meter
  • Hand-crafted from local junipers on Villema farm in Western Estonia
  • No glues, only screws to keep the scent as natural as possible
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These are juniper plates that are hand-crafted in Western Estonia from the local juniper stock. We make the plates from 1 cm thick discs that are cut from a juniper stem or branch right after the bush has been cut down. We then screw these onto a plywood base. We prefer screws to glues, don’t you? 🙂 No need to affect to wonderful aroma of the juniper with the chemical scent of a glue, not to mention the possible effect on your health.

Juniper wood has a very distinct and pleasant scent. Juniper oil that is contained in the wood is even said to have health benefits, especially to the respiratory system and blood circulation. It’s also said to help cure the flu. Whether it does or it doesn’t – we’re not sure. We are sure it gives out a good smell, though.

You can use these juniper plates in living rooms and sauna rooms. You can even make a floor from them. There often used in saunas in Estonia because the extra heat and humidity of that environment brings out the best of a juniper panel. The oils flow better and the scent is stronger.

The scent will fade a little over times but there’s an easy way to refresh a juniper panel. Just give it a once-over with sandpaper and it will almost be as good as new. Spraying it with water will also help.

We make juniper plates in every thinkable size and shape. There’s a selection of rectangular plates in the shop’s system but if that’s not what you want, please get it touch! The craftsman Kristjan will happily discuss your needs in English (as well as Estonian) and give a quote on the price. We also need to work out the delivery cost and that depends on your location. The shop’s price only includes delivery within Estonia.

The delivery time depends on the craftsman’s current work load and the size of your order. It’s generally about 2 weeks. To get a specific promise, please get in touch with Kristjan with specifics. His phone number is +372 5787 8389 and his email address is

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